Touch the Sky

Artist: 50 Cent f/ Tony Yayo
Album: Curtis
Song: Touch the Sky
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[5C] Man I run this rap shit
[TY] Get yo' hands up high, hands up high, hands up high
[5C] Rest in peace to Biggie Smalls
[TY] Get yo' hands up high, hands up high, hands up high
[5C] R.I.P. to 2Pac
[TY] Get yo' hands up high, hands up high, hands up high
[5C] Nigga roll that good shit
[TY] Get yo' hands up high, hands up high, hands up high

[50 Cent]
You wan' dance, let's dance nigga, I take you to the prom
I'm armed, trey-pound in my palm, I'm calm nigga
My momma made a baby boy, the hood made a man
My first 14 grams, took that and made a grand
I do this, you knew this, I told you pussy
Your fate, your death day to fuckin come if you push me
Have you like E.I. E.I., uh-ohhh after the four-four blow
I get low, they say I go like a pro
It's a wrap, and I'm ghost, in the smoke, like a roach
You've been clapped, and in fact, there's no comin back from that
I'm the last of my breed, no Henny, no weed
Just my vest, and my semi, in the back, of the Bentley
Enage, a mirage, see I'm there, then I'm gone
Cause my lawyers are strong and my money is long
So when I'm right I'm right, and when I'm wrong I'm right
I hit your ass up right, nigga it's nighty-night


[Tony Yayo]
Yeah! Yeah! Yo, YO
Aiyyo I'm higher than a pilot man, I catch a body man
Beat the case, I lie on the polygram
These O.G.'s talkin 'bout, back in the days
I have a R.I.P. sign, on your MySpace page
I'm in your, top 8 nigga, drop 8 nigga
G-C-T Coupe, it's sour grape nigga
I'm a ape nigga, a guerilla in the mist
I HOLD WEIGHT NIGGA~! My connect got bricks
I went gold, you went platinum, we still got the same cars
Same house, and still fuck the same broads (I ain't lyin)
Dreams of fuckin an R&B bitch
Damn you look good girl but get your teeth fixed
I'm the Teflon Don boy, I get busy
Your next two songs you do them shits with Pretty Ricky
Seven-sixty, drive by light tint
With two hoes in the whip lookin like flint


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