Detroit Grammar

The bad…, the evil, the bad the evil.

Yo if it wasn’t for your whip I’d have nothing to strip
If it wasn’t for wrist’s I’d have nothing to slit
If it wasn’t for the shrooms I’d have nothing to chew
Im just fucking wit chu cause’ I got nothing to do

[ Eminem ]

I came in the diner with skateboarders, placed orders, ate orderves,
and hit the waiter with plate warmers. Let you inhale the glock smell when im
ripping you wallet off, slippin the molatoff in your cocktail. Burning your
contracts, punch your acheing arm in the face messes his glasses and turned then to
contacts, your mothers so shit, if It’s missin I took it, nurse look at this
straight jacket It’s crooked!I go to jail and murder you from the cell, put a
knife in an envelope and have you stabbed in the mail. So how do you
describe someone with a dicapitated head when the rest of his bodys
still alive runnin.

[ d 12 ]

Comming with 5 gun men waiting to do a drive bye
so when u see the black 500 hide from it
for every hundred mc’s rhyming about birds only
about two thirds are really saying it without words
yo you aint a thug i can make u bitch up
pick the 5th up cock spit you swear u aint afraid of slugs
im the hottest shit in the industry, i got every thug on the block
to get a wind of me defending me
you lack class of respect get a derect back blast
the bad and evil bad rap i cover the bad half
u know how thuggin this shit will end up spin around lift ur chin up
u get hit ten down and ten up i take it if u run ur mouth u wanna get sent up
heat it up ull be licking blood and spittin flem up now we rivles cause of a
small name and title u step got devile and a flower in a rifle

Yo if it wasnc12

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