Last Hit

Album: The High and Mighty — Home Field Advantage


[ Verse 1 ] [ Mr Eon]

Packin this third eye, pursue a Cyclops
They trade in they high tops for nice sized white rocks
Words in my right, that pass my left ear
Your style is ass-out like the Bulls are next year
Fear this veneer, you get stung like virgins
Who that cat splurgin instead of rehearsin?
Tough guys, degentrify your high rise
Lookin more like Ronald than them fuckin Fry Guys
Go on uptown fuckin senoritas
In Taco Bell screamin, «Viva gorditas!»
Bring all your dogs — I give em rabies
They never had a chance like my two aborted babies
Got Pope John Paul the 2nd, prayin to Satan
Have your vegan girlfriend cookin up bacon
on barbituates with that shit that you hit
Smoke my spliffs withcha, cause spinal bifida

[ Verse 2 ] [ Eminem ]
My nine is liftin ya, six feet when I spray rounds
Hit you with 12 shots in mid-air and four more on the way down
as eight strays graze through a kid’s hair on the playground
You lay down on a stretcher (Don’t get carried away now!)
No pun intended, just hop out of your whip
and leave it un-attended before I whip out this gun and end it
Unless you want it dented with bullet holes any minute
Cause I can leave your Infinite full of those even if someone’s in it
Snatch the airbag, hit the corner and park it
Corner the market, I got her tied up in a chair and gagged
Bitches get smacked and grabbed by the hair and dragged
like cavewomen, while I’m gravediggin with Marilyn Man’

[ Chorus ] [ Mr Eon ]

If you got a bowl of hash better cash it
You got a satchel, flash it, I’ma take your last hit
And if you spittin wack shit on the microphone
I’ma snatch it outta your hand so fast I’ma detach it
So if you got a bowl of hash, you better cash it
You got a satchel, flash it, I’ma take your last hit
I’m flabbergasted off two tabs of acid
Threw my baby’s mother in the hatchback and latched it

[ Verse 3 ] [ Mr Eon ]

Yo yo, «Eon’s wack now,» how you think that?
Couldn’t get on my record if you were shrink rap
Desecrate a crate with these rhymes I be totin
Let’s go back online and jerk off on your modem
I got stupid mucus from these loose lips
My loose leaf leave your whole persona weak
to the point that you stand up on your feet, best retreat
Let’s go back in time and steal my whole steez
The Quickening, did a bris at the christening
I’m exercisin, doing liftings and twistings
Instinct’s the nicest, I keep tellin you
What the fuck this guy on the corner been sellin you?

[ Verse 4 ] [ Eminem ]

I’m e-mailin you, at the wrong website
and mispellin you, prank you and put the fear of hell in you
Escaped Bellevue, stuffed the nurse in a purse
Disperse like I added too many words in a verse
Slim Shady, a perverted version of birth
Drivin off, leaving a murdered virgin at church
The first person who searchin the earth for the motherfucker
that pulled the plug when they shoulda alerted the surgeon first
Get thrown curves, and hit with your own words
Leave me alone bitch! I get on my own nerves
And if I don’t got two balls and a middle finger to throw up
I’m takin off both shoes and stickin each middle toe up

[ Chorus ] [ Mr Eon ]

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