Album: Proof — Searching For Jerry Garcia

[ Verse 3 ] [ Eminem ]

Well I’m not a pimp or a player, see I’m more like the mayor
Grab a bitch up by her hair like I just don’t care
And swing her in the air, I’m talkin major ass kicks
Toss a bitch up out the house like my mate Kirkpatrick
I’m a pimp, so I don’t give a fuck about a bitch
But I don’t make em trick, I’m rich
I don’t need the chips, they don’t walk the strip
But I could spit some game, man I could talk some shit
I’m somethin like a pimp, similar to a mack
I ain’t makin the news, I make my baby mama pick up the slack
Dropped Cadillac truck, Fuck I gotta go
That’s my bottom ho pagin’ me back, I’m a pimp

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