Rap Game

The rap game, hip hop 101
The hardest 9 to 5 you’ll ever have
You can’t learn this shit in no history book
You ready to rap muthafucka?
You read to sell your soul? Hahaha
The rap game muthafucka..

I’m a disrupted nigga you made me crazy
You should slayed me as a baby
Behaving shadier than Wes Craven
And you ain’t even gotta pay me
I take pleasure of laying a nigga down daily
You face me, fucked or sober you’ll faint fast
I never fucked up to where I can’t whip you ass
Yo neck will get snapped with bare hands
Fuck you is it rapping? Its cool but fool just don’t confuse it
What happens these dudes get rude and then I lose it
I’m scandalous, I blow ya two kids off the atlas
With a gat that’s bigger than Godzillas back nigga
You are not real and in fact your feel the effect of a crack dealer
Y’all presidents since we smacked and got a mack 10 with it
So I ain’t gotta rap but I’m thankful for that, don’t mistaken me black
Or you’ll be stankin in back of a fuckin Cadillac

I’m a get snuffed cuz I ain’t said enough to pipe down
I pipe down when the [whole white house] is wiped out
When I see that little [Cheney] dyke get sniped out
Lights out bitch, audios good night *gun shot*
Now put that in your little pipe and bite down
Think for a minute cuz the hype is died down
That I won’t go up in the oval office right now
And flipped whatever ain’t tied down upside down
I’m all for America, fuck the government
Tell that C. Delorous Tucker slut to suck a dick
Motherfucker duck what the fuck son of a bitch
Take away my gun I’m gonna tuck some other shit
Can’t tell me shit about the tricks of this trade
Switchblade with a little switch to switch blades
And switch from a six to sixteen inch blade
Shits like a samurai sword, a sensei
Shit just don’t change to this day
I’m this way still tell a utslay itchsbay ucksay my ickday exscuse my igpay atinlay but uckfay igpay

(Chorus: 50 cent)
This rap game, this rap game
I ain’t sellin my soul for this rap game
And I ain’t diggin a hole for this rap game
And I’m telling you no it ain’t happening

This rap game, this rap game
I ain’t sellin my soul for this rap game
And I ain’t diggin a hole for this rap game
This rap game, this rap game

(Kon Artis)
I bet you’d rather me drink and drown in my own inequity
But fuck that, I’m a rap till you all get sick of me
And clutch my nut sack and spit on who pick on me
I’m pickin a rock mix, fuck a dog you sickle me
I’m sayin you muthafuckas don’t know a good plan
If I’m broke then I’m breaking up in the place where you layin
You know same shit every nigga done in his life
I live like this why I speak on what I want when I write
So why should I ever fear another man
If he bleed like I bleed take a piss when he stand
Ok you win you can say we cant rap
But no source never made me not buy an album when they said it was whack

I walk in the party and just start bustin
Right after I hear the last verse of self destruction
This liquor makes me want to blast the chrome
To let you know ‘The Time’ without Morris Day and Jerome
I’m low down and shifty quickly call swifty
To do a drive by on a 10 speed with fifty
You feeling lucky squeeze I catch you outside at
Chuck E. Cheese watch you’ll see you’ll be an unlucky g
My life style is unstable partyin addict
They said no fightin in the club so I brought me a matic
Coughin ecstatic I jump niggas call me a rabbit
Poppin a tablet and guns to fuck you in half with

(50 cent)
Believe me we run this rap shit fo sheezy
Make making millions look easy
Everywhere you turn you see me, you hear me
Believe me before you see my pistol in 3D
No time to call the peace treaty
dial 911 cuz you need the, police to help you believe me

I snatched it to him from the sidewalk and piss on the curb
This is absurd these street niggas twistin my words
We finally could say goodbye to Hollywood
Cuz proof and shyne pance had nothing in common
The nastiest band wit gats in each hand
We never bow down to be a flash in the pan
No remorse fuck your stature dog
Nothing to do wit hands when I clap at ya’ll
I’ll put ya jaw on the ground when the 400 pound
And I’m gone out of town before the law come around
So we can battle with raps we can battle with gats
Matter of fact we can battle with plaques
This rap game….

I’m too fuckin retarded I don’t give a fuck about my dick
Thats why I’m datin Lorena Bobbit
My crew had an argument who was the largest now they all is dead
And I’m rollin as a solo artist
Plus I made all the beats and wrote all the raps
Well I really didn’t but I did according to this contract
I was thrown in the snow with no where to go
Freezing 20 below force to join, bare foot to go
My little girl she shouldn’t be listening to these lyrics
That’s why I glued the headphones to her ear to make sure she hear it
If rap don’t work I’m starting a group with Garth brooks
… 50 same hook

(Chorus 2X)

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