We Just Came To Party

[ Young Zee ]

Usually its beef the more the merry
Me and Em fill up a thousand mortuaries
Till then no more in the cemetaries
And all ya fake mens is dead and buried

[ Chorus ] [ Eminem ]

We just came to party
We aint comin here to start shit wit no body
Girl we just wanna see you work that work that body
With your man lookin like he could murk somebody
We just sipped a lil bit to much bicardi
He done tripped and tilt his cup and spilt it on me
Now he’s startin some shit thats wit an army
He’s about to get the shit kicked and ??? outta him

[ Verse 1 ] [ Young Zee ]

Ya Zee come get the riches
Thats how I come way be filled wit sixes
Only bonin one chick cuz hoes be lyin
Fuck around and end up like Kobe Bryant
I just came to drink a thousand drops of henny
Fuck around and make me pop this semi
Man I live two lives, I roll wit stars to open bars
In the hood we still ride around in stolen stolen cars
Pop shit I’ll put this gun in ya earing
Till I hear that loud tone and voice disappearing
It’s Crow man I get high off the water
Wake up in the bed wit Ozzie Ozbournes daughter
Test us better give a vest to your wife
Or when I said it you’ll regret it for the rest of your life
Ya we roll up on a gang of harleys
Zee, Em we just came to party

[ Chorus ] [ Eminem ]

[ Verse 2 ] [ Young Zee ]

When I roll out into the club with all my soliders
I can get about a thousand heads who notice
Walk in the front door with all them toasters
They don’t search us cause all them niggas know us
And nobody in the world on the mic can see me
I just spit hot flow and write graffiti
And I roll with mass spanish cats that be acting black
Pimped out caddilacs and they pack them macs
Pop the ignition in the limited edition
Get it come through spinning in the intersection
Its chrome, no gold with $300 dollar jeans
Smack the DJ like I’m the Drama King
Fuck with that nigga the gats be spilling
Drive up in some shit ooking like the batmobile but chill
We just came to chill, my nigga chill we just came to chill

[ Chorus ] [ Eminem ]

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