Lay Down

CD: Obie Trice — Second Rounds On Me
Producer: Eminem


[ Verse 1 ]

You can get popped, its a possibility
Up in my vicinity, popping off with that hostile energy
In the hospital, when the doctor get at him
When adrenaline's mixed with an abnoxious temperment
Honestly, I got a monster pistol-grip
The nine commence to spit, none of y'all exempt from it
Spit spit, pass ends from it, you get stiff from it
Church lands-you in your box from it
I'd never let 'em give it to me, I gotta live to be 103
Gotta reach my epitomy
Or decease my enemy and recieve my penalty

[ Chorus ] x2

Lay Down Lay Down
I'm a man, man
I ain't runnin Im'a stand with my gun in my hand
And I got plans and a place to be…

[ Verse 2 ]

I ain't tryin to be cocky with it
But I'm a nigga from the block that did it
Got an honest living
I ain't tryin to see the box or prison
Gettin' knocked outta my position
Now I got a pot to piss in
Pissed off muthafuckas, my fault bitchin
Probably because he lack addiction,
So his whack decisions, get mad at the nigga that's givin 'em
Thats when you see the desolate nigga who's hittin' him,
With the vic of his pistol over this rediculous issue
Dissmissal, in attempt to, take me at my motherfucking temple

[ Chorus ] x2

[ Verse 3 ]

Niggaz get nauceated, an artist made it
Had it hard, against odds and emancipated
To the floors, split cards, goddamn they hated
To see the lady they dated catering to the latest
Shadiest artist, up in my radius
Get faded with a plate of revolver, rated me R
Haters get faded with horror, erased no fate for tomorrow
All 'cause he think he hard-tough
Got a carcass, He was runnin' at the mouth hush
I would never let him give it to me, I gotta live to see 103
Gotta reach my epitomy
Or decease my enemy and recieve my penalty
That'd be the inner-he, tryin to cease my entity
Its finna be the end of this identity when I tell him to

[ Chorus ] x2

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