Obie Story

CD: Obie Trice — Second Rounds On Me
Producer: Jonathan "J.R." Rotem


Such a beautiful thing, being embrace by a woman thats a queen
With big dreams for the youngest sibling
O couldn't do no wrong, according to the report cards Obie brought home
They say good at spelling, spelling bees always excelling
Which was so overwhelming that momma took him shopping
Coppin the new J's, swear to god hommie, this was Obie's cool days
Bmx'ing up the block with the tennant livin next to him
Shootin hoops who got hops, worthy
When he popped a jump shot, no Worries
Just a pocket full of sugar what not
With the candy house on the block
It was pickle in them spot
Then things changed around when Obie a laid down
Hear the sounds of fire round surrounding him
Astounded him, the value of the blast had me so interested
Momma falling with cash, she can't get a nigga in this bitch
They wanna hit the ass, nigga start ditchin class
Dad ain't around, he left a nigga saggin in them superman draws
That one saturday is it my fault shit got dark? Mom and I fell apart
Relationship taunts bad talk, I can't stand you
Looking like ya daddy with that same walk
Motherfucker now a nigga out in the street
Two nickel plated thirty eights on me
Can't stay away from beef, scrapping with the niggas from the other side
Sippin St.ives rockin oldschool floannels
Oldschool niggas see that I'm an animal
Front me a 16 see how my role handle
Now I'm up to O's but wait on an eighth, I can my muthafuckin babe Kobe
Had to slow my roll -plus my po gotta nigga pissin in a bowl
Hold my temperment cause I see such innocence
When I'm lookin in Kobe's pupils
Despite all the dope I sold I had to change my role
I just might be able to grow old
Older brother said yo O I'ma quit my job so we can chase our goals
I'll be managericho you can rap I suppose thats what we did
I still flipped a little bit saved up my chips and put it into music
Well Known Asshole an underground hit, still scramblin lookin like shit
Baby momma think im smokin more then a spliff
Think a blessing came from the man who invented my gift
When Eminem said "let me hear you spit"
Wrote my signature now Shady/Obie represents
Hit 'em with the D12 skit can exhale now I see my moms ain't pissed
She hit 'em with a smile cause obie became focused
From independent out the trunk like them dope kids
To platinum plaques world tours gettin noticed
An inappropriate soldier became so ferocious in this hip hop culture
I long for the rollercoast always on, so young
Took a turn to writing a song thats right from
After school fights to pushin white to pursin his career heights
One mic all I need involed with beats, I'ma be the streets
Till jesus calls on me, that'll be the day you applaude and see
The underdog gets his eventually

Gotta end it though, all in it it's no limits
It's so splendid, real name, no gimmicks
No image just a solider who spoke where he lived
From the cribs with it flows vintages Obies career

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