Out Of State

CD: Obie Trice — Second Rounds On Me
Producer: Swinga


[ Verse 1 ]

Roll out straight to the A-T-L
Commin from the D-E-T, gotta bail
Gotta get mail in abundance
Stat watch that yay on the oven
Nigga this hustlin
Had enough get nothin coup then the group all us
Gotta getta custom
So I push that dust, thus mean crush em
Push that new stank ugly
Snow flakes in the hood like flurries
Niggas so urgently gotta earn that chesse affirmitavely
The firm with me gotta turn the keys of a 64 fever
So eager, go re-up
Get cheese on a old school beeper
No 2-ways no feds
Only way a nigga get ahead get bread
Stay low pro, no popo
No hoes in the spot where the dope grow

[ Chorus ]

We got to get this paper dog any way it takes
Before you see a nigga like myself break
Even if it means that we rollin outta state
Gotta get it at a good rate
Get buck, some home wid our weight up

[ Verse 2 ]

Dippin out straight to the C-A-L
Get dre on the phone
Gotta put that fluff on hold
Home grow home snow
Bubonic chronic gotsta move on as soon as possible
Honest uhauls movin by 2 annonymous drivers
Reclinin, just a couple of folks reload
From the west to the east coast
Gotta get that dough, flip them boulds
Get back to the mo like pronto
Wit guacomolie, niggas can't grow these
Better where they make nacho
Not so? taste that
Wipe that ajax off that plastic wrap
Look at him now his eyes saggin like my dick he cacks
In fact nigga chief on that
Please believe I gotta get them stacks

[ Chorus ]

[ Verse 3 ] [ Obie Trice ]

Haters faders know Detroit flavor gave us bank roll
Nigga never stressed me stank hoes
Minnesota got that stro yum
Troleum, on that rack
Gotta flip them o's like that
Get that dough right back
Gotta make sure niggas intact, strapped
Niggas get mad, gotta have what you got
Gotta put them boys in bags
Make noise, niggas know you aint havin that
Gotta have for that, get masses
Where the mask at, nigga pass that
No average, pure
What do you think a nigga down here for
Get more, gotta push them bently's doors
Nigga's on empty
Gotta hit it up plenty
Nigga's dont hear me

[ Chorus ]

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